There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I will help you find it.
Welcome to the web presence of Teia Cobb, and Insight Behavioral Health, LLC. a private clinical practice dedicated to providing focused, integrative, and comprehensive substance abuse and mental health counseling, evaluation, and assessment.
I am a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist practicing in Durham, North Carolina. I specialize in the treatment of addiction, trauma, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and co-occurring disorders.  I've worked extensively with adult and adolescent victims of trauma (such as emotional, physical and sexual abuse, and combat veterans) and their families to assist them with breaking the cycle of addiction and learning healthy ways to work through and cope with the emotional pain caused by their past traumatic experiences. During the course of treatment I work with my individual clients and their families to address the impact that their addictive behaviors may be contributing to family dysfunction including issues such as communication, inter personal conflict, poor boundaries, enabling, co-dependency and parenting.  I also provide family drug /alcohol education to assist the family with gaining a better understanding of addiction, and the role that families sometimes play in keeping their loved ones entrenched in addictive behaviors.
My specialized training and experience has also prepared me to work with a variety of concerns related to women’s issues, such as self-awareness, self esteem, stress management, domestic violence, child abuse/neglect, co-dependency, relationship/love addiction, personality disorders, anxiety, and depression . In my work, I employ an integrated holistic approach that takes into account your psychological, biological, social, and cultural dimensions.  When appropriate, I collaborate with psychiatrists, physicians, and other mental health professionals in order to insure the highest quality of care. My goal is to help you learn to heal yourself in a strictly confidential, empathic, and safe environment, where we together will work towards healing and wholeness.
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